Restomouv FAQ


Who are we ?

With 10 years of experience in the food delivery service, Matthias Foucher, Gilles Foucher et Tanguy Bouchard decided together to create the brand Restomouv ans expend their business all around the border of Geneva. A dynamic team that want to provide a high quality service everyday of the year.

Why Restomouv ?

Our wish is to deliver restaurant's dishes in the faster time as possible. Our service was created to bring you the food as if you were at the restaurant.

What are the delivery times ?

Regarding the dishes type and the location of the restaurant, delivery time can e between 20 or 60 minutes maximum. Our website will set a minimum of 30 minutes for delivery. However, bad weather conditions and traffic jam can lead to some delay on your order. In case of 15 minutes late, we will contact you in a short time. Our mission is always to delivery you in the best delay.

Is my dish will arrive hot ?

Yes, dishes are packed into a kraft bags and transported in isothermal boxes. This way guaranteed to maintain a hot temperature of your dishes. This is also the reason why Restomouv limited delevry within 20 km.

How to use our website ? ?

How to find near restaurants ?

Enter your address from the landing page of In case of trouble, please contact us via "contact" page or by phone +33 (0)4 50 46 99 07.

How to pass an order ?

From the website, select a restaurant and click on it, you will access to the dishes and drinks. Once you've chosen your menu, valid your shopping cart, select a payment way and click on "confirm my order"

Can I order in multiple restaurants ?

This not possible to pass an order with 2 differents restaurants. But you can pass a first order and created a new one right after.

Is there a minimum price order ?

Yes, minimum order is 20 euros.

We are a company, can we order ?

Of course, just right the details of the person responsable of the order and the company name if the subscription form. There informations will be written on the bill.

Can I pre order ?

It's possible up to 24h before. You can find pre order restaurant at the bottom of the list.

Can I tip the delivery man ?

Yes, either by cash at the door, or by card when you pass the order by checking the box "tip for delivery".

Can I order alcool ?

Yes if you are older than 18. In some cases, during the delivery, our delivery man could ask for an ID before he gives the alcool.

Deliveries and pricing

How are calculting deliveries cost ?

Restomouv is committed to offering competitive prices while paying decent deliverers. The working hours of the deliverers, the vehicle and the gasoline are taken into account in the calculation of the tariff.

Delivery costs are paid in full to the deliverers and Restomouv makes no profit on them.

The rates are displayed below :

Distance de la livraison Tarif en €
0 à 500 mètres 5
500 mètres à 1 km 6
1 km à 3 km 7
3 km à 4 km 8
4 km à 5 km 8.5
5 km à 7 km 10
7 km à 9 km 10.5
9 km à 11 km 12
11 km à 13 km 13
13 km à 15 km 14
15 km à 17 km 16
17 km à 19 km 18
22 km et plus Nous consulter
What are the delivery times ?

Restomouv ensures delivery from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. However, it depends on the different opening hours of the kitchens of each partner restaurant which may be shorter.

Management of my order

Can I cancel or edit my order ?

Once your order has been validated, it's impossible to cancel it, in case of modification you can send us your request through our "contact" form. Informed fast enough, Restomouv will do do everything possible to make the changes.

What if there is a problem with my order ?

In case of troubles, we encourage you to use the "contact" form provided for this purpose, we will then suggest a solution adapted to the problem.

What if my order is late ?

If you are not informed of your order's delay, do not hesitate to contact us using the "contact" form, we will respond to you as soon as possible to find out the problem.

Billing / Payment

Will I receive an invoice ?

Yes ! You will receive it by email as soon as your order is validated on the site, it is the confirmation of your order.

Are the prices the same as in the restaurant ?

Restomouv strives to create the best possible partnerships so that our prices are as close as possible to the prices displayed inside the restaurants.

How can I pay for my order ?

By all the payment methods offered during the validation of the order: - Only on the site, during the validation of the order: CB (Mastercard, Visa, CB) and Paypal. - During delivery: In cash (€ / CHF) and / or meal vouchers.

Is payment by credit card secure ?

Carried out on Crédit Agricole's E-Transactions platform, it is totally safe. Restomouv can't have access or store your banking information.

Is it possible to pay in Swiss Francs ?

Yes, with an exchange rate specified by the delivery man, but we cannot give you back the change in the same currency. You can also consult us in advance to find out the change in the amount of your order.

Will the delivery man have change ?

For obvious security reasons, delivery people have around € 100 in change.


How do I know the list of allergens ?

By calling the restaurant directly. You can indicate your allergies in the allergens box (when confirming your order), Restomouv undertakes to contact you again if the restaurant is unable to do so, to readjust your order.

If I have questions about the dish ?

If you want to know the origin, the origin of the meat, the type (Halal, Kosher), the cooking method or any other questions relating to the dishes, our partner restaurants will be happy to answer by phone and give you precise information.

I want to have a restaurant delivered to me that is not on your site ?

We need a partnership with each restaurant before we can deliver it. Restomouv welcomes all your proposals from new partners.

I am not in your scope of delivery ?

You can then send your request via our "contact" form and we will return you a personal offer depending on the distance if it's duable.

Is there a Restomouv application ?

Yes ! You can find it on Google Play and Applestore.

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